seo growth

Before optimization

Domain age: 1 year.

Niche: IT related.

Traffic: under 220 per week.

Real situation: The website was published on a new domain in 2017, with some basic onpage optimization with a strong technical code optimization. The website got 8 different languages that did not get any attention from Google. The project managed to grow up to 220 visitors per week in organic traffic.


The client has approached us asking to perform SEO audit with a possible action plan for organic growth in Google search engine. After the audit, we worked out realistic goals to be set for 6 and 12 month.

Changes and jobs performed:

  • Full website audit
  • Full onpage content optimization
  • Optimization for regions according to languages
  • TOP 20 competitors content analyzed and created for client
  • Content rewritten and optimized
  • Duplicated content removed
  • 30 relevant blog posts added
  • Auto-generated sitemap created and submitted to GSC
  • Off page optimization started after 3 month


  • Trippled traffic from Google search engine from 220 to 650 visitors per week
  • Increased dwell time
  • Convertion increase 10%

Futher action plan:

  • Add more relevant pieces of content
  • Create backlinks that competitors have
  • Grow website authority (website relevancy)

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