keyword audit research services

There are a number of instruments and methods to conduct a keyword analysis for a website. Depending on what the target goal is, we choose what’s best for the client in each situation.

Keyword analysis can be conducted for a specific niche, for example [service + city] or the whole website in general, by defining all the keywords the website is indexed for, and its content is associated with.

To make things more clear on what we offer, here’s a quick definition of the two terms.

1. Keyword Audit

Audit of keywords for a specific website. In this case, the user can get data on how each individual keyword on their website is ranked within the Top 100 of Google and which exact website page is associated with that keyword.

We offer audit and sorting of keywords by position as well.

The main advantages of sorting your keywords by position within the Top 10, Top 20, Top 30 and so on, is the fact that you can see where you are ranked at currently in real time, get and idea of what to do with your SEO strategy, and see whether your marketing efforts are paying dividends.

Here’s an example of how our tool sorts out keywords by position.

Keyword Research

If you want to get info on all of the keywords associated with your website, you can order such a service online.*All the data for keyword positions and monthly queries is received from

The service pack gets you:

  • A fully imported list of keywords for your website from
  • Sorted out keywords by positions within the TOP
  • Extra metrics for your domain like DR, DA and PA
  • Access to your account for 30 days

✅ Order the keyword audit service here.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword reseach is quite a complex process, typically done in about 3 to 7 work days depending on the niche, language and region. Also, different businesses have different goals, so the process might differ in that regard as well.

Here are some common issues that client’s contact us with:

  • Help create a website design and architecture based around relevant keywords
  • Find the most relevant keywords for specific services or products
  • Find more keyword variations
  • Find new ideas for website content
  • Find out the keyword positions of their competition

The goal of Keyword Research is to find all the relevant keywords for your website and to sort them out in a comfortable manner.

Our Keyword Research process

During our research, we use around 3 to 7 different SEO instruments including and We believe that the more varied your instruments are, the more keyword variations you can discover for a website.

The process in more detail:

  1. We find what the main goal of the client is and what will he use the keyword data for
  2. We determine for which region in which language the research will be done
  3. We find the main niche and theme of the business website
  4. We do the research
  5. We group the results
  6. We present the results to our client

If you are interested in Keyword Research services, please send us a query with answers to the first 3 bullet-points.