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EASYSEO - Who we are

We believe that a digital business success heavily relies on well done research, detail planning and plan execution.

Our strategy

We believe that in order to be successful in any business field, it is necessary to have a well-developed strategy, as well as the ability to make dynamic decisions.

Our company’s philosophy is based on these principles:

  • Research and testing – We perform in-depth analyses of markets and constantly test new problem-solving strategies.
  • Process control – We never leave our clients in the unknown. By constantly informing them every step of the way, we ensure that every business owner is aware of how his investments are performing.
  • Experience – Our 7 year background in the field of internet marketing is more than enough to provide more value to our clients than others. We have worked with clients not only from the local Lithuanian market, but Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, and the US as well.
  • Team – Our team is composed of specialists from different fields, with a business-oriented mindset. All the personnel we need to achieve success.
  • Learning – Not only do we teach others, we also teach and improve ourselves on a daily-basis.


Vladimir Malykh

I am in digital marketing and SEO business since 2011. I have experience working with multi language web projects for American, German, Russian and Lithuanian marketings. My favorite job is to help business owners to get better rankings and drive more leads.

My experience and skills are:
  • SEO optimization
  • Digital marketing
  • Local leads generation
  • Educational workshops for business owners
  • Kitesurfing

If you need help with any multilanguage, local seo and lead generation, drop me a line and I will do my best to help you out.

Our team

Vidas Back-End Architect
Patryk Front-End Architect
Regis Content Architect

We only promise what we can achieve.

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