seo services for doctors

SEO services designed specifically for websites of medical clinics, doctors, physicians and other healthcare professionals.

SEO for doctors

We work with doctors and medical clinics optimizing both organic and local SEO. Our areas of experience cover both pharmacy and medicine. We work with following health professions and clinics:

  • for chiropractors
  • for cardiologists
  • SEO for dentists and orthodontists
  • for neurologists
  • SEO for surgeons
  • for nurses
  • for ophthalmologists
  • for psychologist
  • for physicians

If your profession is not listed, please get in touch with us to discuss your project.

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Medical SEO Agency

EASYSEO has experience in ranking for medical terms. If you need a significant increase for your SEO campaign, get in touch with us, to discuss your project. We can help in niches where paid advertising does not work.

They call us the SEO company that works with doctors.

Medical SEO services for doctors or medical websites are the search terms that are usually used to find our services. Other terms are: seo for medical clinics, seo for healthcare providers, medical industry seo services, healthcare seo services, seo agency for doctors, medical seo experts.

Local SEO for doctors

Local SEO for doctors is similar to regular SEO in many ways, as it involves optimizing a website for search engines to improve its visibility in search results.

However, local SEO specifically focuses on optimizing a business’s online presence for local customers, rather than a general, nationwide or global audience. This involves optimizing the website and online listings for local search terms, such as the name of the city or neighborhood where the business is located, and making sure that the business’s contact information and location are accurate and consistent across the web. Local SEO helps doctors attract more local patients by making it easier for them to find medical clinic or practice online.

If you are a doctor looking to attract more local patients, investing in local SEO is a smart decision. With a well-executed local SEO strategy, you can drive more foot traffic to your practice and increase your patient base.

Many people turn to the internet when searching for healthcare services, and a well-optimized website can help attract and retain patients. An experienced SEO agency can help you develop and implement a local SEO strategy that is tailored to your medical clinic specific needs and goals.

Investing in local SEO is a cost-effective way to reach potential patients and grow your practice. By partnering with a reputable SEO agency, such as EASYSEO,  you can trust that your local SEO efforts are in capable hands and will yield the best results for your practice.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to attract more local patients and grow your practice – consider investing in local SEO today.

Main medical SEO services we provide

seo services we provide

Analysis of competitors

We use multiple SEO tools to analyze the websites of your local competitors, such as doctors, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. We examine the structure of their websites, the number of backlinks they have, their estimated traffic, and their top keywords and content. Based on this research, we create a plan for your website to improve its performance in search results.

On-page and off-page optimization

After we perform our analysis, we’ll go to work on your website. First, we will take care of internal links, the website sitemap, images, content and keyword optimization and other things related to on-page. Next, we’ll move on to off-page factors that affect your website’s success. This regards to your online reputation, your business profile on Google as well as search engine submissions.

Analytics set up

Google Analytics is a website analysis tool that every business should take advantage of. We can help set up you account, provide reports on your traffic as well your keyword positions. This tool is also an awesome asset that can help adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

Moreover, here you can set up analytical goals for your business as well. This could be visitors to a specific page, services orders, form fill-outs, subscriptions to a newsletter and so on. As such, the success of a medical SEO strategy can be monitored easily with the help of the tool.

Strategy and keyword research

Keyword research and strategy are important to understand the keywords that your website is currently ranking for. By analyzing your website and your competitors, we can determine the best content strategy to improve your website’s competitiveness. The goal is to gradually grow your website’s content through techniques such as improving existing content, creating new articles and blog posts, and so on.

Technical SEO improvements

Technical SEO involves optimizing various technical aspects of a website that can impact its search engine rankings. This includes improving the website’s programming, fixing errors, increasing speed, and other technical elements. A faster, easier-to-crawl website will improve its search rankings. Many agencies neglect the technical elements of a website, such as messy design layouts and code. However, we carefully consider these factors in our optimization efforts.

Local SEO for doctors

Local SEO for medical professionals,  often called as local SEO doctors marketing, refers to the process of optimizing a business’s online presence so that it is more visible in search results for local customers. This involves optimizing the business’s website and online listings for local search terms and making sure that the business’s contact information and location are accurate and consistent across the web. Local SEO can help businesses attract more foot traffic and increase sales by making it easier for local customers to find them online.

Website Development

Many business owners don’t realize how many aspects of a website can affect its search engine rankings. In addition to the content itself, the structure of the website is also analyzed by search engine bots. This includes the readability of the content, its organization, mobile-friendliness, design, and other factors.

The mobile aspect is especially important because most users access medical services through tablets or phones. Your website design should be optimized to accommodate these users. The better your optimization level for all of these aspects, the higher your chances of ranking well in your niche.

Content development and SEO marketing

Content is a powerful tool for marketing and selling a website, and our team of copywriters can help your business create search engine-friendly content that also demonstrates your expertise and relevance to potential customers. As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly digital, it’s important for doctors to have a strong online presence to attract and retain patients.

Well written blog posts or articles written by healthcare professionals not only provide valuable information on symptoms, treatments, and procedures, but also increase website’s organic traffic which can be converted to clients.

Medical SEO company is there to optimize the content for relevant keywords to improve your website’s search rankings.

Link Building

Having a thorough link profile for your website is crucial towards getting better positions on search engines. Not on every link brings value, in fact some of them that come from low reputation website can even damage your website strategy.

What you need are strong backlinks coming from either other medical websites or just strong ranking websites in general. At EASYSEO we have the knowledge and experience on how to work with medical websites which is a different approach that businesses in other niches.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is essential for any modern online business. Most searches are performed on mobile devices like phones and tablets, with over 62% of all Google searches being conducted on these devices.

When it comes to SEO for healthcare businesses, it’s important to follow the trends of your target audience and ensure that your website is not only visually appealing, but also mobile-friendly. This will help you attract more traffic and provide a better user experience for your visitors.

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Why are search engine optimization services necessary?

You may have encountered SEO before, but dismissed it as a marketing gimmick. In reality, SEO is much more important than that. The concept is relatively straightforward: search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing use a mathematical algorithm to determine how they rank websites in search results for specific queries. This algorithm considers three main factors about a website: quality, authority, and trust.

1. Quality

Quality of a website is a crucial factor in search engine rankings. This includes the content on the website, which should be well-written, optimized, unique, shareable, and user-friendly. In the past, it was possible to rank high in search results by using as many relevant keywords as possible on a website. However, this tactic is now penalized by search engines because it lacks value for users.

2. Authority

Authority of a website is another important factor. This refers to how well a site is liked by people and its ability to engage users. If people share videos or articles from the site on social media, actively leave comments, or provide backlinks from their own websites to yours, these are all positive signals of significance to search engines.

3. Trust

Determining the trustworthiness of a website is another key factor for search engines. In this regard, online reviews play a significant role. One survey found that about 75% of patients check online reviews before choosing a healthcare provider.

Therefore, having a strong online reputation is essential for medical businesses. Positive reviews and backlinks from trustworthy websites can improve a website’s trustworthiness.

What are the principles of medical SEO?

principes of medical seo

People nowadays look for information as well as services that interest them online more and more. The same applies for the medical industry.

Let’s say someone googles „dentist“. This entry is very general and will generate millions of search results. Whereas a search for „best dentist in Wisconsin“ will be more precise and will display health specialists that apply to this category.

Regardless whether a search is broad or specific, Google checks its index and displays the most relevant websites on the first page. This is determined by several factors, that we’ve already mentioned above.

The phrases and words that you used to craft your content, its titles and tags are just a few of the things that Google’s takes into consideration on where you should rank. Authority, as we mentioned, also plays an important part in terms of determining whether a business is reputable enough to appear among the most relevant results for the user.

While your site may already be found on the second or third page Google, in order to really attract searchers, you have to rank on the first page, otherwise known as the top 10. Such a result can be achieved by implementing an effective SEO strategy.

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How can SEO benefit your medical website?

As we mentioned earlier, the digital world is becoming increasingly integrated into people’s daily lives, which means they are spending more time searching for relevant businesses. In our view, SEO is no longer optional for any business, including medical websites. Other healthcare providers and their businesses are your competitors, so it’s important to focus on getting your company in front of potential clients.

Main benefits of implementing a medical SEO strategy for a website are:

  • A better ranking on search engines for relevant terms
  • Better quality user traffic
  • A better reach to attract more clients
  • Increase in competitiveness among similar businesses
  • More conversions online.

Work with medical SEO experts or SEO agency

why work with an seo agency

While it is possible to implement SEO on your own website, we believe that working with a team of professionals is a better long-term solution.

There are many factors that influence a website’s ranking, and it can be challenging, especially for those with little website management experience, to handle everything on their own.

There are various tools to learn and proper strategies to implement to improve your website. As a healthcare specialist, you probably have a lot of duties already, so finding the time to do everything can be a challenge.

Investing in medical SEO marketing is a worthwhile long-term investment, as great rankings do not happen overnight. By working with a team of professionals, you can focus on your work and the quality of your business, while they handle the efforts and achieve better results than you could on your own.

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How to choose a SEO firm for a doctor?

Making the right decision is not easy, especially with so many great firms and options to choose from. However, be wary of those that employ confusing tactics to attract unsuspecting customers. These agencies promise unrealistic stuff, overnight results and other things that can’t happen in the world of SEO.

Here’s some tips on how to choose an SEO agency.

How to evaluate an SEO company for doctors

  • Judge their knowledge of medical SEO – as a medical business, you have to make sure that the firm you’ll be working with have the experience and knowledge with health professionals. This way it will be far easier to discuss and develop strategy.
  • Portfolio of results achieved – every company that takes pride in their work will display what they’ve achieved. The same applies for SEO companies. By this, you can evaluate whether the company is capable of helping you achieve the right results or not.
  • Can give you „the whole package“ – building links or performing an audit of a website is only a small part of the general SEO process. Look for a medical SEO company that can take care of all aspects like help you develop content, increase your social media presence and so on.
  • Take a look at those they worked with – firms that have nothing to hide will showcase the clients they’ve worked with. You can visit their website and look how well things are done or ask for a testimony if they’re willing to share.
  • Look at their own website – the most simple criteria is to simply how well they’ve taken care of their own website. Strong content, good reception and other positive things are good signals for you.

Things to be cautious of

  • Immediacy with results – like we already said, there’s no such thing as overnight results in the world of SEO. Optimizing every aspect of a website takes a long time, especially if you’re competing in a tight market like the health sector. Positive growth may take as much as weeks or months. If an SEO for doctors agency offers immediate results, that’s a red flag for you.
  • Top spot guarantee – ranking No.1 is difficult in almost every niche. A professional cannot guarantee a specific spot for you on Google’s search results, he can only give an estimate and develop a strategy for aiming towards the first page. If you get an offer with TOP 1 position guarantee, avoid such a medical SEO company at all costs.
  • Lack of specifics – Competing in the health sector requires a precise strategy and the exact keywords or phrases you want to optimize for. If a firm gives you a vague remark like „We’ll aim for all keywords“ – this is another bad sign. An agency has to know exactly what they’re doing.

Why consider our agency for hire?

why consider us for hire

In this section we’ll give you a few reasons why you should consider EASYSEO for hire if you’re looking for SEO services for doctors.

The two main ones are these: we have a specific and detailed approach that’s been tested a number of times and the second one – because of the range of services we offer.

Our methodology and approach to SEO for doctor websites

  • Analysis and testing – the first thing that we do is perform a thorough research of the client’s website and the niche it is competing in. Afterwards we develop a strategy and a set of methods to best achieve it.
  • Communication every step of the way – we never leave our clients in the dark about what we’re doing on the website. We believe that in order to achieve success, proper communication has to happen between both parties. Every client receives regular reports about our efforts and is welcome to reach out to us at any moment with whatever question interests them.
  • Experience and knowledge – we are an agency that has more than 10 years of experience in internet marketing, working with clients from all over the globe. Being a Lithuanian company, we are involved in local SEO, but also international SEO campaigns.
  • Team as a single unit – we understand that to achieve the maximum in the world of SEO, a team comprised of experts of their field is necessary. Our marketers, SEO specialists and copywriters all take care of their part of work.
  • Learning and improvement – SEO for doctors requires learning about the ever-changing industry constantly. Each of our team members always look for ways to learn and improve their skills.

While working with us, you can be sure that you will work with a team that know what they’re doing . In the next part, we will discuss the services that we offer.

How the modern medical industry is changing

The medical industry is a critical sector globally, and changes in the business world can also affect doctors who run their own practices. As more and more people turn to the digital world, it’s important for doctors to have a well-functioning, high-ranking website to attract potential clients. Not only are people searching for information, but they are also looking for services that medical specialists can provide online.

At EASYSEO, we are proud of our experience and expertise in working with healthcare professionals from around the world. If you’re looking for medical SEO specialists, we believe we are the right choice. Simply having a good-looking website is not enough to top search engine results. To grow your business online, you need a well-thought-out SEO strategy to differentiate yourself from your competitors on Google.

Our team of specialists can create a comprehensive SEO strategy specifically designed to help your medical website grow as a business. We believe that medical SEO can no longer be ignored and must be utilized to succeed in the digital space.

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