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how to get indexed by google faster

A few tips on how to get your website pages indexed by Google faster

The Google index is an enormous collection of website data that Google’s robots have collected from billions of internet resources. Whenever you type in a query to search for, Google displays results from its index. Why is it important for your website…

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what is robots.txt

What is Robots.txt? Everything you need to know

Robots.txt – is an important text file that determines how a search engine accesses your website. Within the file, there are directives, which specify which website pages are allowed or disallowed for a search engine to access. Setting the file up correctly…

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joomla malware removal

Joomla Malware Removal. How to clean your Joomla website.

Malware, otherwise known as malicious software are dangerous programs that can seriously damage your website, slow it down or make it vulnerable for future attacks. Even though Joomla is one of the CMS systems out there, sometimes Joomla websites can get infected…

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increase conversions plugin

CF Manager with FancyBox – WordPress plugin to boost conversions

If you need to start collecting and managing leads from your WordPress website right away CF manager with FancyBox is a perfect solution for you. Power of CF Manager FancyBox: More phone calls from clients More enquires from clients 2 different popup…

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4 Tips to get more reviews to boost your business

A positive review is one of the easiest ways to differentiate your business from your competitors. There are numerous ways to collect reviews without a need to acquire fake or illegitimate ones. I am going to name a few important reviews sources…

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Local SEO Services – How to appear on “Google Maps”?

Local businesses that are optimized for Google map are getting more local clients. If you want more business in your local area or want to be found on local pack of Google maps with a certain keyword + city or “keyword +…

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What is content marketing and why does it matter?

Content Marketing – is a marketing method, which relies on the regular publishing of quality content. The main goal of this strategy is to attract the attention of potential client and increase sales in the long run. Instead of advertising your service…

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seo optimization inforgraphics 9 steps

What is SEO?

As research shows, more than 70% of all Google queries are received by the websites found in the search TOP 5. As a result, most business and website owners are being interested and willing to invest into optimizing their site for their respective queries.

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website speed optimisation

Website speed optimization

Website Speed Optimization Services We can turbocharge your website speed even if you have the worst theme or template installed. If needed, we can redevelop a new clean theme for you leaving the same design. We speed upthe following CMS’s: Wodpress Joomla…

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Professional painting proposal: 3 essential tips for painters

Creating a professional painting proposal is not as hard as it may look. A proper one will not only make your company look more professional but will set you apart from your competitors as well. All you need to do is to…

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