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How to collect reviews to boost your business

A positive review is one of the easiest ways to differentiate your business from your competitors. There are numerous ways to collect reviews without a need to acquire fake or illegitimate ones. I am going to name a few important reviews sources…

SEO Tips

Local SEO – How can a bussiness be established on “Google Maps” ?

If you are providing certain services offline in a specific city and want to be seen in “Google Maps” reach out to us. What is local SEO? Local SEO – is a method which increases your business exposure in a certain location…

Digital marketing services SEO Tips

What is content marketing and why does it matter?

Content Marketing – is a marketing method, which relies on the regular publishing of quality content. The main goal of this strategy is to attract the attention of potential client and increase sales in the long run. Instead of advertising your service…

Digital marketing services SEO Tips
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What is SEO?

As research shows, more than 70% of all Google queries are received by the websites found in the search TOP 5. As a result, most business and website owners are being interested and willing to invest into optimizing their site for their respective queries.

SEO Tips
website speed optimisation

Website speed optimization – a key SEO factor in 2019

Website loading slowly? Learn why Website speed is a very important site website ranking factor, however, it is still often overlooked. Owners are usually more focused on increasing sales by improving their website design,  developing effective commercial texts or investing into expensive…

SEO Tips

Professional painting proposal: 3 essential tips for painters

Creating a professional painting proposal is not as hard as it may look. A proper one will not only make your company look more professional but will set you apart from your competitors as well. All you need to do is to…

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