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We are dedicated developer of WordPress, Joomla (if you need help with Joomla click here) and CMS Made Simple content management systems.

We are experts in developing clean WordPress code. We have tons of experience in building:

  • WordPress plugins
  • Backlinks analysis system (Link intersect, status, project management)
  • System integration
  • Code cleanup
  • Bug fixing
  • Malware cleanup

Our WordPress Developers Services

  • WordPress migration
  • WordPress theme development from scratch
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • Core version updates
  • Woo Commerce developing and programming
  • WordPress technical SEO
  • Code and load speed optimization
  • CSS, JS, PHP and HTML corrections
  • SQL related tasks
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What Is WordPress?

It is a free CMS which uses the PHP programming language and MySQL as its database. As of February 2017, Wordress is the world’s most popular CMS with over 60 million websites using it.

WordPress design renewals and corrections

A website design maybe be updated fully or partially, meaning changes or applied only to certain parts of the sites’ outlook:

  • color change,
  • edit, removal or addition of informational blocks,
  • correction of incorrectly displayed elements,
  • banner or graphic element corrections.

These types of corrections are front-end programming tasks. They may be applied by altering the CSS elements on your website or by creating new ones. Depending on what changes are wanted to be made, not only a front-end programmer but a designer may be hired as well.

WordPress updates

CMS updates are always for the better of a website. The administrator of the site is informed about the updates through the control panel. An admin may update the site himself, but a full backup is recommended before any major changes are implemented.

Quite often an update results in architectural errors found in website’s code. The functionality may become partially or fully non-functioning. Corrections may be applied only by an experienced programmer. If many plugins are in use for the website as well, conflicts may occur between them after a full site update.

Why updates appear?

Every CMS update, be it major or minor, seeks to implements new functions for website administrators to improve management abilities. Each version has an in-depth list of things that were changed, removed, added or upgraded.

Arguably the top priority of each update is to improve the security of a CMS. New threats are being created on a daily basis, and as a websites’ management system gets older and older, the possibility for a site to get hacked increases as well.

Renewal of functions is another important CMS element that need regular updating. The world of IT is changing rapidly, programming languages are constantly improving as well. Site errors come into fruition due to many invisible updates happening in the back-end of a CMS. For example if your server provided upgraded the PHP version without your knowledge, your site may not be fully compatible with the newer PHP version.

In this case, you will need a programmer than can update and fix site functionality errors. A constant monitoring of a websites’ behavior, will help you to avoid a drop in SEO rankings and please visitor with its proper functionality.

Benefits of CMS updates:

  • Safety and security
  • Stable functionality
  • Faster website loading speed
  • Search engine loyalty

Critical programming mistakes

While developing a website, it is important to stay out of critical structural or programming mistakes attributed by inexperienced programmers or SEO specialists, whose actions can lead to a drop of website’s ratings. In order to avoid a drop, contact us if you are interested in migrating your website. If you have another CMS, feel free to reach out to us for a free SEO consultation in order to avoid huge financial losses for your firm.

Site error corrections

Errors on a website may appear for a variety of reasons. They can be visible or invisible to the user. Visible mistakes are obvious flaws in the outer design elements, or page errors. Invisible errors are those who are not immediately seen, but are found by search engine robots or code validators when scanning the internal side of the site. As often stated by representatives from search engine giants like Google and Yahoo, they want websites to have a “clean” code.

Invisible errors may occur for a variety of reasons, a few of the popular:

  • The site was launched with errors in code,
  • Additional plugins were installed in a site,
  • After an automatic CMS update,
  • Functions that are no longer supported.

PHP ir CSS errors

The most common errors that occur in a website are related to its PHP or CSS. PHP errors are those found in the “back-end” and are key to the functionality of a site.

WordPress and Joomla content management systems are different, but have one main similarity. They are programmed using the PHP programming language, so the errors for both of these systems may be fixed by a PHP expert.

CSS errors are those, visible in the design of a website. They are most commonly occur when a site is adapted to a tablet or mobile functionality. Most site administrators only check the desktop display, but forget to check on mobile devices.

Such negligence may results in a bad UX (User Experience) and thus result in a SEO rating drop as user-experience is one of the key SEO factors.

For the correction of CSS errors, an experienced CSS programmer is needed. If you need to correct CSS or PHP errors in your website or perform design changes, contact us.

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Back-up setup

A back-up website copy is very important in the event of an unfortunate occurrence. For example, a hack or a purposeful malicious act by an employee.

If the admin of a website has a full reserve copy of a website, a complete data restore is possible.

Back-up copies can be setup manually or automatically, and it is assumed that it will not be saved in the same place that the rest of website files are stored.

If you want to have a copy or multiple copies that are completely safe from disaster is it heavily recommended to store those files on a separate computer or an external file storage (example – USB flash drive).

Another smart move would be to only choose a hosting provider, which makes regularly makes back-up copies. For example, hostens.com performs daily backups of the sites they administer. Feel free to contact your hosting provider and ask how often they perform those backups. If they don’t perform them or perform them too seldom, it would probably be best if you change your hosting provider in order to avoid unforeseen website problems in the future.

Our programmers can create reserve copies of a website, recover it using the files available or move your site to a different server.

Plugin and component installation

Joomla and WordPress sites can be improved in terms of functionality using plugins (WordPress) or modules (Joomla). Both free and paid plugins may be chosen, depending on what the clients’ wishes are for the site. Paid plugins are usually more flexible in terms of adaptation and provide more functionality.

Most common popular changes for WordPress content management system:

  • Multi-language modules
  • SEO modules
  • Social network decisions
  • Security plugins

Plugin and module usage, however, has some flaws. If certain solutions were performed by different programming teams, there is a possibility that the plugins may start to “clash” together

The more plugins are installed, the more problems can occur with the functionality of a site. It is highly recommended to perform a backup as the plugins may have a major impact on the website.

Joomla ir WordPress mokymai

WordPress functionality expansions

Modules or plugins may not always be a good way to improve site performance. Alternatively, the needed functions may be manually programmed in accordance to the specific project. The programmer may write the code completely from scratch. This type of functionality update has its own advantages compared to module/plugin installation.

As the code is written without unnecessary extra scripts found in many modules, the site performs better speed-wise and there is less probability for functions to “clash” as it was mentioned earlier

Extra programming is used not only for simple functions, like Captcha installments or  contact form development, but for major projects like e-shops.

Tools for an effective website

We know how to make a website that is compact for visitors and helps businesses grow. If you already know what is needed for your site, contact us. We will provide you with a full site performance sheet and offer you the best deal for improving your website.

Most popular services for our customers include:

  • Conversion tracking – a specific plan/report on how the sites conversions are performing what methods are needed for more conversions.
  • E-commerce analytics setup – in your e-shop, you will see analytics from Google with concrete sales data.
  • Call-tracking– you will see how much calls you receive from your site directly.
  • Online assistant setup (real-time help)
  • Lead generation – we will develop a strategy that will encourage visitors to provided their contact details and register on your website.
  • Other tools to evaluate and improve your online advertising campaigns.

Reach out to us if you are dealing with one of the problems mentioned above or have any specific requests. If your issue or Content Management System was not mentioned in the post above, we can link you up with some of our colleagues, who have a background in other fields of programming.