SEO Auditas svetainei

In order to understand what an SEO audit is, we must first look ast what a website audit is in general. To put it simply, it is a full website analysis which includes factors like:

  • A website’s SEO rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Website errors
  • Number of indexed pages of a website
  • Loading speed of a website

During an SEO audit, your current website functionality is taken into consideration and an appropriate strategy is developed to improve its performance and general quality.

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Before conducting an analysis, figure out its purpose: Do you want to develop a strategy that will help increase traffic? Sales? Do you want your website to utilize marketing channels efficiently? Or, perhaps, you are interested in expanding your business to new market grounds?

A proper SEO analysis will help you evaluate the technical aspects of a website which might hurt the effectiveness your marketing strategy. Even small website changes may contribute heavily towards increased traffic and better SEO rankings.

Why is it important to conduct an SEO audit?

First of all, this method helps to assess the current state of the website and its chances of competing in a certain market. Before implementing any major change to a website, like content changes, a proper strategy has to be developed.

SEO rules and standards for Google, Yahoo, Bing, are changing on a regular basis. In fact, Google considers over 200 factors when ranking a website to a certain position. In general, many of the old SEO strategies are pretty much done for, so that is why changes have to be implemented on a regular basis.

A full analysis is necessary in order to improve the website’s marketing value.

How long does it take to perform an audit?

The time required for an audit depends on two things.

  1. Tasks you wish to accomplish
  2. Size of the website

For smaller websites, 2-3 workdays are enough to evaluate all of its parameters. Meanwhile, a bigger website, like an e-shop, can take as much as 2-3 weeks to analyze.

How much does it cost?

The main element, which influences the cost of an audit is your website’s type. Analysis of commercial and informational websites have different prices. Also, the price depends on the amount of tasks that a client wishes to utilize.

Basically, you are paying an SEO company for an in-depth data report of your website. This way, you will see its traffic data, what strategies may be implemented in order to increase it and recommendations for SEO improvements based on the latest industry standards.

Of course, cheaper analyses options will bring you less results. You will still get a summary of your data, however, most firms will not include a proper development strategy for a website.

How do you conduct a proper SEO audit yourself?

Nowadays, most marketing experts are well accustomed with the fact that a proper website analysis and thus, optimization for search engines, leads to its sale success. Since SEO standards change on a regular basis, its is mandatory to develop a flexible strategy with an outlook for the future.

Even though an audit is a pretty time-consuming task, you can perform it yourself. All you need to do is some careful planning as to what tasks you plan to do.

Areas you should consider when planning an SEO audit:

  • A website’s analytical data (“Google Analytics”, etc.)
  • Proper keyword research
  • Website loading speed
  • Index level of a website
  • Number of links on a website and their quality (internal and external)
  • Website’s meta analysis (proper text titles, content descriptions)

Types of website audit

For different audit types, different tasks are needed to be performed.

They are as follows:

SEO Audit

The main goal of this type of audit is to evaluate the technical state of a website and its influence on SEO ranks. During the analysis the main focus is on links and their quality as well the site’s architecture and how well it’s programmed.

Keywords are also important during the analysis. Keywords help both search engines and users find relevant content, so its very important to develop a strategy for increasing the site’s relevancy. Even though keyword analysis is very time-consuming, the task can reveal very important data about the website.

Also, you will be able to optimize its content for maximum relevancy.

Technical audit

This type of analysis looks at website loading speed, adaptation for mobile devices and looks whether there are no issues with these tasks.

UX – user experience audit

Even though a website maybe technically neat and such. It might not be favored by users and translate to conversions. These tasks involve making the website more convenient for the users by testing different design and functionality options.

Backlink audit

As it was mentioned earlier, links are a very important part of website optimization. Their evaluation allows to ensure that they are of high quality and helps to avoid a penalty from a search engine. Backlinks – are links from other websites to yours. Quality backlinks make your website look like a relevant source of content.

How do you improve your website?

No matter if you perform an audit yourself or leave it to a company, it is important to consider these factors:

  • Technical audit
  • Content audit
  • Keywords analysis
  • Backlink analysis and review
  • Competition analysis

If you need some help while performing an SEO audit for your website, contact us.

What SEO Audit types can we conduct?

If you want to order an SEO audit of your website, you may choose between these two options.

Basic SEO audit

Basic SEO audit is conducted in 2-3 days. For this analysis we use SEMrush and Website Auditor Tool applications.

You will receive a full report in pdf format with the results and improvement recommendations.

If you want this to go along with our on-page website optimization services, this audit will be fully enough to fix any major issues.

Profesional SEO audit

Professional SEO audit takes about 7-10 days to conduct. You will get:

  • Basic SEO audit (SEMrush + Website Auditor)
  • An additional report based on our on-page SEO checklist  (over 60 points)
  • A task list, to improve website performance.
  • A list of additional recommendations.


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