A websites’ internal (on-page) SEO optimization is one of the most important methods to improve performance. In order to achieve higher rankings in search engines, it is mandatory to optimize its content, links and the general loading speed.

Only when the sites’ internal architecture is optimized and all issues have been taken care of, one can move on to the next step of improving its external presence.

Internal optimization is usually divided into two key parts: content optimization and code optimization.

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How does our company carry out internal SEO optimization?

When you order this type of service, two methods of optimization are available:

We both plan and do the work

The steps are as follows:

  • Our team performs an SEO audit – this determines the sites state and what issues need to be adressed.
  • The client grants us administrator rights – login information is needed from the client in order to access the websites server and administration files.
  • We apply code and content optimization methods – This applies to CMS systems like “WordPress”, “Joomla”, “CMS Made Simple” and”Prestashop”.

When managing a client’s website, we always consider the latest SEO standarts which change constantly. We believe that for this type work, a company has to be flexible and constantly improve in the ever-changing field of SEO.

We develop a strategy and your team does the work

If the clients’ CMS is custom made, or one that we’re not familiar with, the work flow and methodology changes as follows:

  • We develop an optimization plan and hand the code-related jobs to our client’s programmers – by following our steps, your team’s programmers can improve the website’s performance significantly.
  • We consult your company throughout our period of collaboration – we assist, advise or adjust the optimization plan based on how the work is flowing.
  • We ensure that you are going in the right direction – our team monitors the development of the site and how the plan is carried out. If a mistake was made, don’t worry, we’ll inform you ASAP.

After fully finishing code optimization, we apply methods to improve the content found of the website, as well as develop a plan for further optimized content to be created for both, search engine robots and real site visitors.

Internal website optimization – the main steps

Below you’ll see a complete list of internal optimization tasks that we execute on a regular basis for our clients’.

  • Site speed optimization – it’s not a secret that a slow site annoys all of us and doesn’t to find the needed information quickly. We know that potential clients’ think the same way. That’s why we prioritize site speed as one of the most important tasks when optimizing the site internally. This is important not only for the visitors of the site, but for search engine robots, as site speed is one of the main methods of SEO.
  • Code optimization – the website has to be programmed properly as well. If programming issues occur, the search engine might index empty pages or not index the pages that you want properly. Site architecture errors also contribute negatively to your SEO, so the mistakes need to be adressed quickly and properly.
  • Onpage optimization – this step is mostly related to a websites’ content. The texts’ found on it must have proper headlines, structure, use relevant keywords and synonyms. Many website owners try to cheat and just spam a bunch of keywords throughout their texts and website content in general. While this may boost your ranks temporarily, Google’s SEO robot will quickly find out about such a scheme and your site will get a guaranteed filter.
  • Usability and User-Experience (UX) optimization – this type of optimization focuses on making the-site easy to use and pleasant for the user. As of 2015 Google’s algorithm makes sure that the website is optimized not only for desktop but for mobile devices as well. Don’t think mobile matters? Well, think again. The algorithm may penalize a website that is not properly functioning on mobile devices, so if SEO matters to you, we can make sure that the site pleases both the user and the visiting Google bot by implementing multi-device functionality to your site.
  • Content optimization – your site’s content has to be neat and properly organized. We’re talking about texts with headings and subheadings, which use a significant amount relevant keywords. Other media sources like images, video our audio files have to properly marked with a name as well as be visible by the users of the site. Meta information such as titles and descriptions not only provide insight for those searching, but contribute page relevancy points to a scanning Google bot. If a client wishes, a plan for future content creation may be developed by our company. This services also includes a study and analysis of website competition. The main goal of this optimization process is to improve website content in every possible way.
  • Conversion and commercial factor optimization – the main goal of your site is to sell and sell more than your competitors do. During this stage, we implement CTR (Conversion Rate) calculations to your website in order to better understand how many users perform meaningful actions when visiting. It could be an order of a newsletter, a purchase or a user profile creation. A good CTR leads to more sales, so that is why this type of optimization is necessary to perform for those who are interested in sales.
  • “Crawl budget” and index budget optimization – not many know this, but Google’s bot only performs a certain number of website scans over a certain period of time. Let’s say your site is scanned 30 times a day, or 900 times a month. That means your budget is roughly around 900 scans per month. We can tell from experience that you should not expect a full website scan immediately. A properly architectured website will allow Google to slowly scan pages that you want over a period of time.  This is especially relevant to owners of e-shops, whose products may add up to thousands of pages. We make sure that every relevant page is scanned and seen by the search engine bot. The next time it visits your e-shop, it will continue to scan from where he left off and not waste your index budget by scanning those pages that are already scanned.

Our on-page SEO prices

The final price of a full internal optimization apllication for a website depends on the difficulty of a project. A large one may require additional time to focus on audit, programming or market study. For example an e-shop, who may have thousands of products in its catalogue will require more resources than a simple representative website.

If the optimization process is implemented by the clients’ programmers, additional costs may apply for consultations and monitoring services provided by our firm.

Interested in internal SEO or a full SEO service bundle?

Contact us with a specific description of your website’s state and the main issues that you are dealing with at the moment. After an inspection, we will contact you with answers to your questions.

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