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 “Transparent” SEO services

Have you had a negative experience dealing with SEO services before? Take a minute to read about fully transparent approach that we introduced to our customers.

SEO is not a voodoo magic, there are no one click solutions that can turn things around per one night. In fact, to get positive results in website optimization you must have tree main components:

  1. Experience
  2. Competent team
  3. Strategic plan that is based on objective SEO metrics and well performed research

What are the objective SEO metrics? That is not only DA and PA, Moz Rank and Trust factors, but rather a combination of all important SEO factors thrown for a competitive comparison, which leaves no chance for subjective interpretation or analysis.

There is a forth element to SEO success that was not mentioned earlier. That is the strategic SEO plan execution.

If the plan is powered by a well researched “objective” numbers and is  executed properly the desired SEO results come naturally without hustle.

However, how do you know if the the plan you’ve been presented is being executed properly? At this point there is a lot of uncertainty and lack of transparency. A client, usually, is dependent on reports that have to be presented by an SEO specialist.

Would you like it to be different?

Would you prefer having a well researched SEO plan, not only being executed properly, but you would have a full control of what is being done at any point of time?

When you work with us, you have full understanding (without any technical knowledge) of what must be done to get the desired ranking. That is done by giving you full access to our inner worksheets, documents and analytics.

“Transparent SEO Services” means that there will be no more questions like:

  • “Could you tell me what are you working on now?”
  • “I don’t understand if anything is being done…”
  • “Can you send me the report?”

“Transparent SEO Services” means that you have:

  • Strategic SEO plan, that you have confirmed
  • Clear understanding of what has to be fixed to get the ranking
  • Your account where you have access to all strategic information
  • Comparision to your competitors projects in real time
  • Opportunity to check all planed tasks status in real time
  • Full information about staring, currents keywords ranking and the progress

Transparent SEO services means that you are in full control of what is going on with your project.

If your project needs a well researched SEO plan driven by SEO objective numbers with 100% transparency, get in touch with us for further discussion.

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SEO packages prices


Monthly Price Starts at

  • Analytics setup & configuration
  • GSC setup
  • Keywords research
  • Personal dashboard 24/7
  • Ranking Reports
  • Mobile friendly audit
  • Keywords optimized for – 25
  • On-page SEO
  • On-page fixed on # pages – 25
  • Meta tags audit
  • Meta tags optimization – 25
  • Content writing (monthly) – 2
  • Blog posting – 2
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Schema markup analysis
  • Robots.txt optimization
  • Sitemap optimization
  • Website security recommendations


Monthly Price Starts at

  • Analytics setup & configuration
  • GSC setup
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Keywords research
  • Personal dashboard 24/7
  • Ranking Reports
  • Content review
  • Competitive analysis
  • Mobile friendly audit
  • Keywords optimized for – 50
  • On-page SEO
  • Advanced On-page SEO
  • On-page fixed on # pages – 50
  • Meta tags audit
  • Meta tags optimization – 50
  • Content writing (monthly) – 5
  • Blog posting – 5
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Technical SEO implementation
  • Schema markup analysis
  • Schema markup implementation
  • Robots.txt optimization
  • Sitemap optimization
  • Inbound link quality analysis
  • Link building
  • Website security recommendations


Monthly Price Starts at

  • Analytics setup & configuration
  • GSC setup
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Keywords research
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Personal dashboard 24/7
  • Ranking Reports
  • Content review
  • Competitive analysis
  • Mobile friendly audit
  • Keywords optimized for – 100
  • On-page SEO
  • Advanced On-page SEO
  • On-page fixed on # pages – 100+
  • Meta tags audit
  • Meta tags optimization – 100+
  • Content writing (monthly) – 10
  • Blog posting – 10
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Technical SEO implementation
  • Schema markup analysis
  • Schema markup implementation
  • Robots.txt optimization
  • Sitemap optimization
  • Inbound link quality analysis
  • Link building
  • Link reclamation
  • Press release
  • Citation audit
  • Website security recommendations
  • Website security implementation
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What SEO package to choose?

For most of our clients, standard SEO packages are than enough. If you want to discuss a customized package or you feel like your project need a custom well researched strategy with proper execution talk to us.

SEO Package – “Start”

This SEO plan is recommended for new businesses and websites functioning in small and low-competition markets. It is also good fit for projects that want to increase it presence on the web gradually.

The package best fits:

  • New websites under 12 months of age
  • Companies who are just starting an internet business
  • Websites who have been penalized by “Google” with a search filter.

SEO Package “Business”

For new projects and websites who are looking forward to increase their SEO value in the long run or older websites who are ready to compete for the TOP 10 in their market. It is recommended when there is a low or medium competition on the market.

The plan best fits:

  • Small E-Commerce websites
  • Websites with a product catalogue
  • Websites with different types of portfolios
  • Websites providing services
  • Projects who are interest in specific positions within the TOP 10

SEO Package PRO

This SEO package is recommended for businesses who are not only interested in the Top 10, but have a goal to dominate in their market.

The plan best fits:

  • E-Shops who are measuring their conversions
  • Websites with large product catalogues and categories
  • Websites with large amounts of media content
  • Businesses who care about their online reputation
  • Projects who are seeking the maximum out of every visitor


*The prices do not include Google Ads services

**Website programming services are not included.

***Every SEO package includes 20 hours spent on the project per month. More dedicated hours could be arranged at a special request.

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What’s next?

  • First step is to fill out questionnaire to provide information about you project
  • A 12-month contract is to be signed
  • We run a full website SEO audit and present to a customer
  • A plan for website changes and improvements is developed.
  • The client carries out his/her first payment for the services.
  • Website improvements are carried out.
  • The optimization process for the website is begun.

What’s needed from the clients’ side?

  • Well-defined and specific goals for the project.
  • A notification for us which improvement tasks to prioritize.
  • A dedicated person responsible for communication with us throughout our period of cooperation.

How do I start?

Write us an email about your business, your goals and what results you expect from your website. Do not forget to include your website address :).

*All prices noted are without the value-added tax

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After you choose an SEO package

These are the basic steps on what is included in the package.

Google Analytics setup and configuration

If you don’t have it yet, we will create and integrate Google Analytics account and perform a proper configuration.

Google Search Console (GSC) setup

This is a must have SEO tool that we will have to either create or get access to current GSC property. If it is not setup properly yet, we will finish that with integration to Google Analytics account.

Conversion tracking setup

Depending on your chosen SEO package we will integrate conversion tracking or Ecommerce into Google Analytics account. This free tool will allow to measure how many leads, calls or sales online you generate.

Keyword research

All of our SEO packages have basic keyword research included in the offer. We will perform the research and consult with you about specific keywords that you will choose to rank for.

Advanced keyword research

An advanced keyword research is a combination of 7 different methods of research and multiple SEO tools usage to find every possible keyword and its variation possible. Keywords are grouped by meaning, intent or category and presented to a client for consideration. We do consult the client on the results and help matching the best keywords for the business in terms of ROI.

Full website SEO audit

Before we proceed to any on-page or off-page optimization task, our SEO team performs a full website audit using minimum 3 SEO audit tools including SEMRush, SerpStat Audit and Website Auditor for On-page SEO and gtmetrix.com and webpagespeed.org for technical SEO audit.

Depending on the complexity of a project and its tasks, we might use more tools to make sure that none of important raking factor was not missed.

We are absolutely transparent in every step, starting SEO audit and going further with all projects tasks. After we complete your project evaluation we will create a list of all task that will be handled either by our team of you developers team.

As a client, you get full access to that SEO tasks’ list.

On-page optimization

In this part we make sure that all important website’s pages are complaint with on page SEO requirements. That includes webpage elements such as Meta Title, Meta Description, Headings We strongly believe that proper On-page optimization is THE foundation of all future SEO tasks. Without strong On-page SEO any other steps are almost worthless.

We identify all the tasks that need to be done and make a list for our technical SEO and developers team. As mentioned earlier, we strongly believe in full transparency of every step that needs to be taken to get the result. You, as our client, get an online access to that list, where you will be able to monitor the progress.

HTML Code optimization

HTML code optimization goes hand in hand with on-page SEO. If your CMS is either WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop or CMS Made Simple our team will make all necessary changes in house. If you are using any CMS that is not in our list, we can work with your developer. We have a solid and fully transparent process of working with a client’s developers team where every party knows all tasks that has to be fulfilled and their statuses.

Content optimization

We evaluate your current content and evaluate it whether it needs to be improved, removed of left alone. Depending on the number of pages and keywords that need to be ranked we will check what content is preferred by Google and make suggestions accordingly. After we have a get a confirmation from you that the content may be redone according to our recommendations we will start optimizing the content of the pages that we agreed upon.
During this step we will check your website for possible keyword cannibalization issues.

Website speed optimization

We have in house team of SEO trained back-end and front-end developers that know how get the best page loading speed.

Since website speed is officially recognized by Google as a ranking factor, our team will make its best to get the best possible page speed results for your website if that is one of the content management systems that we work with.

Depending on various factors, including design and a budget, our team can reduce the webpage weight and optimize the code for best performance. The final score and speed will depend on such factors as:

  • Theme or template that is used
  • Number of scripts that are loaded
  • Number of video and images that are used
  • Number and type of widgets that are used

Off-page optimization → Link building

We do recognize that backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors.

When on-page SEO is done, we proceed to off-page SEO which consists of three major steps that will be covered.

Every link building campaign we launch we do start with current link building audit. After that we move to the next step, which is backlinks intersect.

We check TOP 10, TOP 15 or TOP 20 competitors (depending on a budget) backlink profiles and compare it against our client’s backlink profile. In this step we identify where the main competitors that are ranking well are getting the links from and our client does not have.

This step is 100% transparent, that means that you as a client, get access to the same data online 24/7. You will be able to see every source your competitor has a link from and will be able to perform the intersect function.

You will also be able to see the graphs on how your competitors grew their link profiles within certain time periods.

Search of new opportunities

New content creation

Monitoring and adjustment

Position monitoring


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