increase conversions plugin wordpress

If you need to start collecting and managing leads from your WordPress website right away that is a perfect solution for you.

FancyBox CF features:

  • Mobile responsive design
  • Customize the color to fit your website
  • One click to dial your phone number
  • Customize your email address
  • Fully customizable text copy
  • Easy to upload your image
  • Place anywhere on your WordPress website with short code
  • Manage incoming leads
  • Email notifications of a new lead
  • Suitable for any language
Increase Conversion Rate in 5 min.
generate leads
  • Easy to install
  • Get more enquiries
  • Increase phone calls

That is a perfect solution if you don’t have any coding skills, but want to collect leads right away after you install the plugin.

Take control of all visible elements and adopt it to our website strategy.

generate leads settings plugin

What do you get in package

  • The plugin files that you can install yourself without hustle
  • A pdf with recommendations on how to write a copy that converts

How it looks on mobile device

Few examples how it might look like on a mobile device. Feel free to share your page with FancyBox box plugin and we will post a screenshot with a link reference to your website.

fancybox coversion plugin

fancybox coversion plugin for wordpress

Feature Plugin Updates

Currently we are working on improving the plugin and adding more features to it, such as short codes to add customizable buttons, increased functionality and other features. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact us and let us know what feature do you need to be included.