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EASYSEO agency socializes in digital product SEO campaigns. We have experience and resources needed to run a successful SEO campaign for SaaS.

Consulting for SaaS


SEO services for SaaS – are specialized SEO services aimed at improving and growing businesses that sell software. The software industry in itself is very competitive, which exactly why a well thought-out marketing strategies are required in order build a strong and recognizable brand.

Things like PPC efforts and marketing through emails can be an option, but quite a tricky one for newly starting businesses that don’t have the budget to spend on ads.

That is why SEO is a smarter long-term approach for businesses. The main aim of SEO is to grow your website and its visibility on search engines organically. With a proper SEO for SaaS approach you can not only grow the amount of traffic you receive on your website, but also increase your brand recognition, which ultimately leads to more customers.

Nowadays, the basis of an SEO strategy is much different than it used to be in the past. No longer can you simply mince keywords mindlessly without taking things like backlinks, content relevancy, among others, into consideration. Google’s goal is to make sure that people find the most relevant websites for their queries, so it’s up to you as a business person to keep up your website up to date and relevant if you want to rank high and succeed.

An SaaS SEO company can make sure that your website is doing just that. They will work in order to rank your website in the first page of Google in order to improve your traffic and conversions you get.

If you are looking for more information on how an SEO agency can help your SaaS, then continue with this article. Today we will discuss specifically how SEO helps a software business, how to choose an SEO agency for a company and why you should consider us for hire.

How can an SEO company help your SaaS business?

how seo helps

The obvious thing in which SEO helps is minimizes a company’s reliance on PPC and other paid marketing methods which often require huge expenses, especially if we’re talking about a competitive market. This can be especially hindering for new business that doesn’t have the necessary resources to keep with the big players.

Even the most basic SEO methods done by yourself can make a huge difference for a website in helping building traffic, brand awareness and a loyal customer base. Of course, more advanced strategies require expertise and knowledge in order to implement, which exactly the reason why you should consider hiring an SEO agency for your SaaS business.

An agency can offer a deeper approach to both on-page and off-page factors that influence your website’s organic search results. This includes everything from taking care of the technical aspects of your website, to content creation, PR efforts and so on.

According to some industry experts, competent SEO efforts have the potential to boost traffic to an SaaS business website by up to 77 percent, however only 11 percent of SaaS companies consider and are implementing SEO for their business websites. This means that most owners to do not fully realize their website’s potential to rank towards the top of search results.

If you want to rank high and be successful amongst your competition, then the importance of good SEO cannot be stressed enough. Whether you are completely new and small company or an old and experienced entity, your online success will depend on what Search Engine Optimization efforts you implement.

Why is SEO so important? Because it’s a thing about your business that you can control. There’s a lot things that business owners cannot control – customer reactions and responses to new products, new competition coming up in the game or the revenue that a company generates.

However, SEO methods are stable strategies that allow you take up a high position amongst search results for a longer period of time and helps get more opportunities to generate leads, makes sales and get revenue.

Even if your business hits a low point, you can be sure that a good optimization strategy will make sure that your business remains visible in the online market.

Our methodology at EASYSEO

Like we said earlier, if you’re an SaaS company that needs good SEO, you should consider us for hire.


Because we have a tested and working methodology for SEO that we implement for our clients.

Here’s how we approach SEO

  • Test and research – our first step is to perform an in-depth analysis of the clients website and the market it competes in. We then determine on the best strategy and methods needed to achieve the goal set by our client.
  • Communication – we believe the key to success in SaaS SEO is determined by proper communication from both parties. We never leave our clients in the unknown and provide constant feedback on how well different efforts are working. We then correct our approach if needed.
  • Experience – the methods we implement for our clients are based on more than 10 years of experience in internet marketing. As Lithuanian company we not only have worked with local businesses, but many clients from the US, Ukraine, Germany and Belarus as well.
  • Team effort – we understand that a successful SEO strategy requires a team composed of people that are the best in their respective fields. Our company is home to some of the best copywriters, marketers and SEO specialists.
  • Improvement – we know that SaaS SEO is constantly changing, which requires each of our team members to constantly learn about and improve their craft.

As SaaS businesses, you can be confident that you will working with a group of people that are experienced and definitely know what their doing. In the next section, we will talk about the specific services we offer.

Types of SEO services we offer

  • Keyword research and audit – relevant keywords are an important part of site optimization and content development. First we perform an audit which finds the best keywords for your website to rank to and then we suggest possible content development opportunities.
  • SEO Audit – this type of audit measures your current website performance and optimization level. Again, after the audit we explain what would the best approach to take your website to the next level.
  • SEO optimization for E-Shops – our specialized optimization plan for E-Shops is aimed to provide effective SEO for those who selling their goods online.
  • WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop development and support services – we help develop and troubleshoot any problems for websites with these CMS. This includes immediate and long-term solutions.
  • SEO Consulting – we offer SEO consultations for business owners who want implement certain methods themselves.

And others.

If you are interested in any of these services, feel free to contact us with your request.

How to choose an SEO firm if you’re an SaaS business

how to choose an seo firm

It’s fair to say that choosing an SaaS SEO Agency requires some careful consideration on your behalf. Some firms out there preach things immediate results, or make unrealistic promises in order to win over clients. However, such things don’t work in the world of SEO.

Here’s how to choose an SEO firm for SaaS companies.

Things to look for in an SEO agency

  • Knowledge and experience working with SaaS software companies – one of your first priorities should be to find people who know how to and have worked with SaaS companies before. This will ensure that the optimization strategy is moving and improving faster.
  • Results that prove their the real deal – any SaaS SEO company that knows what they are doing will proudly display the fruits of their labor. By this you can determine whether a company can help you achieve your goals or not.
  • Can offer other multiple SEO aspects – SEO is not simply about making an audit and finding the keywords that work. Look for a company that can offer content development, social media managing, link building and other skills require for a fully fleshed out SaaS SEO strategy.
  • Reception from clients – every respectable SEO team will have a list of clients they’ve worked with.
  • Their own website – you should look at the company’s website as well. If it ranks high, is well-organized and has plenty of content to offer, that is a good signal. If otherwise, you have to be cautious.

Things to avoid in an SEO agency

  • Offers immediate SEO results – one red flag for an SaaS SEO firm to look out for is the claim of instant results. This is simply impossible. Optimizing a website takes a lot of time in itself, especially if we are talking about a competitive niche. That is why result sometimes appear after weeks or even months.
  • Guaranteed No.1 spot– predicting website rankings is impossible and its very difficult to predict the spot a website will be able to reach. If the firms promises you to be No.1 in your niche immediately, run while you can.
  • Determining incorrect strategies – SaaS SEO requires precision in find the specific website pages and keywords you can rank for. If they say vague things like “we will aim to rank for all the keywords” then this is a bad sign as well. An SEO firm has to know to specify a strategy for their clients.

Are we a good fit for you?

The SaaS software niche in general is very tricky when it comes to SEO. Not only is there plenty of technical expertise require in order to compete with others, a lot of analytics to do in order to find out where you stand and how to implement a strategy that’s better than that of your competitors.

As an experience SEO firm, we understand this and can offer your assistance in achieving your business goals. Our plans are flexible and can be used to help both new and experienced websites.

SaaS SEO plan for Starters

This works best if:

  • You just started with your website
  • You need help with setting everything SEO-wise
  • You need backlinks for it
  • You’re competing in a small market

SaaS SEO plan for Business

This works best if:

  • You want to improve your SEO even further
  • You have ambitions for the top 10 in your niche
  • You’re in a low-medium competition market

SaaS SEO plan for Pros

This works best if:

  • You have ambitions not only for top 10, but market domination
  • You have large website with many resources
  • You are in a very competitive market

Benefits of working with an independent SEO firm

independent seo firm

We take pride in an independent team of SEO experts that can promise consistency and transparency to its clients. That means no corporate nonsense, direct and timely feedback on everything being implemented on your website. This is the main reason your should consider hiring us as an independent entity for SEO services for SaaS.

Below we list a few additional others:

  • A specialized firm will know better – an independent firm that specializes in SEO will have a much better understanding of your niche than general internet marketers and will know what strategies will work better.
  • Personal feedback – like we said earlier, an independent firm can offer its clients direct, personal advice and feedback on the SEO methods being implemented. We’re not afraid to correct a client and offer a different approach or perspective if necessary.
  • Easier negotiations – communication is key and with many large marketing firms you just don’t get the same level of intimacy when talking about your website and what results were achieved. It’s much easier to negotiate what should implemented.

All in all

In this article, we’ve talked about SEO services for SaaS companies. In order to improve a website that’s selling software as a service, a well-thought out strategy must be implemented in order to increase organic traffic, help with lead generation as well as put a focus on content marketing.

If you’re looking for a team to help you out, consider us.