cms made simple developersWe are a professional CMS Made Simple help and support services company available for hire.

Our team of specialists can help web projects that need either a quick bug fix or a long-term strategic solution for their business website.

If you need help for your CMS Made Simple website, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Fix your CMS Made Simple website

We can help you with different areas of your website, here’s some of them.

New functions development

web function development

CMS Made Simple is not only user but developer friendly as well. Its widespread customization options to develop various functionality within a website.

Feel like you could use a contact form for clients or that your e-shop needs some tweaking? We’re here to help you on this matter.

Modern commerce requires websites that are responsive in design and utilize every possible tool to engage and interest the audience.

Theme or template integration

cms made simple themesFound a theme you like and want to have it on your CMS Made Simple website?

Need some suggestions for choosing one? Great, we can help on this aspect as well.

Some flashier themes, even though they look great, can cramp a website’s code, thus slowing its speed and impacting negative SEO results.

Having a developer suggest an e-commerce-friendly template is mandatory if you want to have both: great design and functionality.

E-commerce solutions

ecommerce solutionsWe can develop your website into an e-commerce heavyweight.

From choosing a proper theme, integrating a shopping platform with product catalogs to it, and it finishing-off with proper SEO optimization, we know and can do it all for your business website.

All you need is a strategic plan of how to get the jobs are done and want steps are needed to be taken. You can write use in regards with e-commerce development for CMS Made Simple.

Updating and upgrading

Website UpdateA pretty common query from our clients is CMS Made Simple Updates.

We know how to upgrade your website properly and safely in terms of SEO, while simultaneously maintaining its efficiency and speed.

Reckless administration of your website can lead to outdated tools and plugins, which results in many security and even functionality holes around the website. We can help you upgrade different parts of your website without hurting your functionality or SEO rankings.

SSL integration and security

SSL security

An SSL certificate is mandatory for both extra security, as well as maintaing your website’s reputation in the eyes of Google.

It’s a protocol that exists for a reason, it acts as a mark for a safe and search-engine friendly website.

We can also fix other security concerns as well. As we mentioned earlier, outdated modules can make a site vulnerable, which is especially important for those that work with sensitive customer information.

Malware and other harmful software on a website also put your website at risk, in fact it’s one of the parts that needed an immediate solution.

While integrating SSL certificate, we do insure that SEO ranking is not harmed.

CSS, JS and bug fixes

bug fixing

CSS operates your websites style, while JS is responsible for functionality.

Due to various reasons, some parts of your site may start not to work properly, clients will get frustrated and leave for a competitors site.

We are here to make sure that doesn’t happen and your website always delivers to your customers the maximum that it can.

SEO technical optimization

seo optimizationSEO is one of our specialties as a company and we know everything about developing a successful e-commerce strategy for a website.

In terms of technical stuff, things like code, links, loading speed affect your websites SEO greatly.

Since we’ve worked in the field of SEO for more than 9 years, we have the experience needed to quickly and efficiently improve any part of a flawed website and make it more search-engine friendly.

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Why you might need CMS Made development…

Even though CMS Made Simple is great for both experienced web-makers and those just starting out, some very important “big picture” things may be challenging to see and go through with.

Content, link-building, user-engagement strategies are just a few things that no one better than an experienced web developed can help you out with.

Bear in mind that there is no “special magic” when it comes to your site development, something like immediate rankings and success within a short period of time. If a company is offering you that, you have every right to doubt their legitimacy.

At we simply offer competent assistance in the area of web development for business websites.

With more than 9 years of experience under our belt in areas of SEO, internet marketing and web development we feel can offer like offer more than your average web experts.

Why should you consider CMS Made Simple support services? We’ll list a few reasons below.

Why choose us for CMS Made Simple help services?

EasySEO CMS Made Simple developers

As mentioned earlier, our team has experience in the fields of SEO, Front-end and Back-end of web development, internet marketing, project management and Copy-writing.

Because of that, we believe that we can offer you a well thought out strategy for long term web development, or a simple web solution, depending on what you need.

This includes competent decisions in terms of building a website from scratch, creating a complicated e-commerce platform, or making a particular part of the website “better”. Since its one of our specialties we can guarantee a focus on SEO every step of the way. offers its clients a flexible option for web developing. Depending on what you need, we will find the best solution for your site.

What type of work can we do? Read about it below.

We will help you find the solution you need

Speaking overall, we are confident that we can find the best solution for your e-commerce website. Just drop us a line and we’ll get your website evaluated in no time.

Whether its complete CMS Made Simple support services or a one-time bug fix, we will deliver a 100% effort oriented at improving your website’s competitive edge.

Here are some popular requests we get from clients:

  • Migration to a different CMS (for example.: WordPress)
  • CMS Updates
  • Functionality fixes, upgrades
  • SEO-related jobs

International CMS Made Simple developers

We’re a company that knows how to be global. So far we’ve worked with clients from Europe, Asia and the US and look forward to working with many more in the future!

If you need a long term solution, or an urgent fix, contact us through the form below. Just drop your URL address and CMS Made Simple version, it will save both parties a significant amount of time.

If you need any assistance drop us a note.Click here

What is CMS Made simple?

CMS Made Simple is an open source CMS platform developed in the PHP programming language by a small group of computer enthusiasts. The first version saw light back in 2004 and since then the system has gone through many changes and updates, while simultaneously growing into one of the most popular CMS’es out there.

While it isn’t as big as something like WordPress, CMS Made Simple has sustained a dedicated user base through the years, being particularly appreciated by people due to its flexibility, user-friendliness and especially for it’s simplicity for programmers.

Nowadays, both large and small business websites successfully use CMS Made Simple as a basis for their websites.

Here a few reasons why CMS Made Simple remains a popular CMS choice among business people.

Advantages of CMS Made Simple. Why people choose this CMS in particular?

CMS Made Simple

Simple management and user friendliness

CMS doesn’t require a very strong server or much resources to operate within a website. With a simple setup you will be running your website easily.

Add-ons, modules and other stuff allow you to implement different functionality to your website with a few simple clicks of a button. No matter whether your are an experienced developer or a complete greenhorn in this area, CMS Made Simple is very easy to comprehend and build a site with.

Easy customization

Not only content, but other parts of the website can be fully adjusted to your liking through CMS made simple. Want to build SEO-friendly URLs from the start? Great.

CMS Made simple has a very editing tool to make them suitable for search engines. Multilingualism is also a default option in this platform, as you can enable this function to reach larger potential audiences.

Content flexibility

CMS Made Simple offers very easy integration of various modules to your websites code.

For those who don’t know – modules are particular lines of code which can be used to create content and functionality on a website. In terms of content modules, few CMS systems can offer flexibility like CMS made simple.

You can create things like opinion polls, picture galleries, search buttons and much more functionality. All you need is to implement a good web development procedure.

And these are only the major parts of why CMS Made Simple is so great.