In the crowded streets of New Jersey, Alex stood amidst a sea of painting contractors. His skills were unparalleled, his dedication unmatched, yet his phone stayed silent. Local clients seemed just out of reach, his online presence almost invisible.


My name is Vladimir and I run EASYSEO agency.
I will share some details about growing painting business using digital marketing tools.

A Digital Canvas Awaits
Our first stroke was reimagining Alex’s digital facade. We didn’t just build him a website; we created a digital gallery showcasing his craftsmanship. With sleek design and intuitive user experience, potential clients could almost smell the fresh paint, experiencing Alex’s prowess before they even met him.

The Art of Local Visibility
A masterpiece is only revered when seen. EASYSEO knew that local visibility was key. Our team orchestrated a robust local SEO campaign that made Alex the talk of New Jersey towns. Every local search for painters started pointing to him. Alex wasn’t just another painter; he was the painter to hire.

The Power of Precision Advertising
But we wanted more for Alex. Combining the strength of PPC advertising with Google Ads, we projected Alex’s services to those who were actively seeking them. And with our advanced remarketing techniques, his brand lingered in their minds, turning considerations into conversions.

A Reputation Cast in Reviews
In the age of digital trust, EASYSEO understood the value of a solid reputation. We launched a Local Citations & Reviews generation campaign, positioning Alex as not just a choice, but the preferred one. Every citation was a testament, every review a story of a home transformed, thanks to Alex.

Fast forward, and the numbers painted a clear picture—a business growth of 120%.

Alex’s story isn’t just about digital success; it’s about a craftsman’s dedication combined with EASYSEO’s expertise. Today, Alex stands tall, not just in New Jersey’s homes but its digital streets. If Alex’s transformation resonates with you, imagine what the maestros at EASYSEO could craft for your digital journey.

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