project start

Before optimization

Domain age: 16 years.

Niche: Travel related niche.

Traffic at start: around 600 daily visitors.

Real situation: The website was doing fine in some keyword groups, but there was a great potential in keywords that were ranking between position 11 and 30. Technical SEO optimization was limited because project is run on a custom content management system. Which makes it very dependent on the original developers calendar.

Unpredicted challenge was faced while working on that project. A world wide quarantine hit hard travel niche which reduced number of people traveling and therefore naturally decreased search volume in that niche.


The client has approached us asking to perform SEO audit with a possible action plan for organic growth in Google search engine. After the audit, we worked out realistic goals to be set for 6 and 12 month.

Changes and jobs performed:

  • Full website audit
  • Onpage content optimization
  • Optimization for international SEO
  • TOP 10 competitors content analyzed and new content created for client
  • Existing content rewritten and optimized
  • Duplicated content removed or deindexed
  • 100 relevant blog posts added
  • Auto-generated sitemap created and submitted to GSC
  • Off page optimization started from the first month


  • Tripled traffic from Google search engine from around 600 to 1750 visitors per day
  • Increased time spent on website
  • Increase in total number of keywords in TOP 100 from around 6K to 25K+
  • Increased keywords ranked in TOP 10 from 448 to 840

SEO results explained

Below is a graph that represents a growth of total number of keywords ranked in Google between position 1 and 100. Total number of keywords ranked in TOP 100 grew from around 6000 to 25000+ keywords.

organic keyword growth travel


The table below represents growth of keywords ranked in most important positions. At project start in March 2021 there were none (zero) keywords ranked in position 1. At the end of February of 2022 there were 27 keywords ranked in position 1. Total number of keywords in TOP 10 positions grew from 448 to 840.

organic keyword growth travel by tops


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