Is your website acting unusually slow for no apparent reason? There’s a good chance it could be infected with malware, in other words, harmful software intended to ruin a website’s ability to function to its full intent.

Possible malware infection signs

  • Unusual links from your website
  • Drop in Google rankings
  • Notification in Google Search Console
  • Unwanted popups on your website, including unwanted pages
  • Slow down in loading speed

You can run a free website scan using Google website checker. If the results are negative, but other scanners indication possible infection, get in touch with us for a consultation.

At EasySEO we offer immediate as well as long-term solutions for business owners looking to remove malware and protect their websites for the long run. We will start with a scan of your website and preliminary manual website code audit.

Our malware removal methodology

  • An in-depth scan of a website for any problems
  • A fully cleaned up website from any type of malware infection
  • A detailed report with remarks and suggestions for improving it
  • Help with blacklist removal from search engines

Malware wordpress removal

What we guarantee for our clients

  • Always a single price – by purchasing our WordPress malware removal service, you only pay one price, stable and without hidden fees.
  • Cleanup made by professionals – we guarantee professional attitude. With years of experience in WordPress, we can assure you that any issues with security and malicious content can be handled.
  • We won’t quit until you’re ready to go – Our team will make sure that you’re website is completely clean of the infection without leaving anything behind.
  • A detailed report – You will receive a detailed report on what we’ve done to clean your site and how the cleaning process was carried out, this includes clear proof that the tasks were indeed carried out on our end.
  • Assistance with blacklists – SEO is our bread and butter, our strongest niche as a team, as such – we can help you get your website removed from blacklists and other SEO issues with your website in this regard.

Features of our malware removal services

Full website scan – our team of experts will perform a full scan of your website and its files, isolate any infected ones, remove them and prepare the full job results in a report for you.

Full website security audit – we perform in-depth audits of a website in order to identify any potential problems with it and security is no exception. We will identify any potential risks in your sites security in order to prevent it from being hacked.

Plugin installation and setup – after we identify all of your sites security risks, we will help you increase website security with the necessary plugins and software. In order to truly safeguard your website, only the most trusted add-ons should be installed.

Removal from blacklists – websites with malicious software within them are at risk of getting blacklisted by search engine giants such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This results in a loss of valuable rankings. Our job here involves helping your website regain those positions and making your online business thrive once more.

Database cleanup – the database of your website is the place where all of your important site data is stored. For this reason, it is one of the main targets of hackers that develop malicious software. One of our top priorities is to clean up and enhance the security of your database for the future.

Core WordPress files audit – Another area where enhanced security is absolutely mandatory is your core WordPress files, yet again, a frequent target among malware attacks. Our team will ensure that they are clean and secure via a specific “wpconfig” and “htaccess” audits.

Prevention from brute force attacks – another type of malicious behavior often used by hackers are called brute force attacks. Their goal is to either kill the server that your website is on, or force their way into the site itself. In this case, the “wp-login” file is the most vulnarable. We will ensure that you are safeguarded from attacks such as these.

Detailed reports – finally, we will put everything into detail for you in terms of what has been done in terms of cleanup on your website. In your report, you will see the problem, the methods used and the solutions for them. For any explanations our team member will guide you throughout the process.

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