Speed up wordpress website

Words like “better”, “faster” and “more optimized” are great for WordPress site design. Website performance affects the ranking, visitor retention and online branding of any company. The web development company is responsible for providing the customer with a high-performance website.

Today we’ll share some tips from our knowledge repository on creating WordPress website layouts that are faster than competing websites, checking loading speed of title page, and are optimized for maximum performance.

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Tip # 1: Be a guest of a good host

All your hard work and effort will be eliminated if your host server takes a long time to process MySQL commands and HTTP requests. Choosing a good hosting server is the first step towards a better and faster site. An excellent option to start is to test your websites in your server niche. This will give you an idea of what numbers you are looking at at the speed of your site.

Tip # 2: Precise topic

A poorly coded design or theme will add additional weight to your website. An already small heavy theme, plus your design work on it, will add a few seconds to your WordPress loading speed. Even if you choose a theme, look for an alternative, similar in function and lighter in size.

Tip # 3: Disable plugins

More functionality = more plugins

This was a case of slow loading of the website for many. Maintain only the proper functionality on the site and limited plugins to reduce the size of the site and checking loading speed of the WordPress website. If plugins are needed, look for lighter versions.

Tip # 4: Team up with an SEO guy

SEO executives are working to make the site comply with Google’s policies. They know what will happen if the article is not placed correctly on the site. They know which elements are necessary for Google and which are the same as the site. By coordinating with a good SEO guy, you can make a well-optimized website in one go.

Tip # 5: Team up with a vendor

Sellers hired to turn visitors into leads know the best places for CTA Call to Action buttons. Neither more nor less, they know the correct number and where to locate them. Consulting with them on the elements that allow visitors to take action can speed up their work, and they will prepare a WordPress website design that is also optimized for potential clients. Marketing specialists will also remember the convenience of reading, and will, therefore, allocate space for content.

Tip # 6: Smart choice of social media icons

The number of likes and posts on the site looks good, but the official Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin sharing buttons increase the loading time of the website while making calls to receive data from external servers. These buttons can add up to 500 KB per page, which is very important if the size of the web page is too limited.

Coding. Style sheets can be easily compressed by removing unnecessary comments and gaps in content. It would also be useful to summarize the JavaScript code. You can also use the YUI compression tool or Google equivalent compression tool to compress code.

All of this won’t help if you practically don’t try these WordPress site design tips or visit Gtmetrix.com to learn more. Even if you are not a technical specialist and are looking for a web development company for your site, you can offer these tips as requirements for a better, faster and more optimized website.